Dr. Sarandis Mitropoulos is Associate Professor of the Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands in Management Information Systems in the Business Administration department. He also teaches and conducts senior research in the Department of Informatics of the University of Piraeus since 2004. From 2002 to 2018 he was a Special Scientist in Informatics (System Analyst) in a bank supervised by the Ministry of Finance since 2002. He holds a Ph.D. as an Electrical & Computer Engineer of the National Technical University of Athens. His PhD concerned the Integrated Management of Distributed Information Systems, Computing Systems and Networks. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration for Executives from the Athens University of Economics and Business. He has worked as technical and project manager, as well as business development manager in projects of integrated solutions in the areas of system and network management, of advanced telecommunication and telematic services, of security, and of Information Systems. He has also taught 3 years at the National Technical University of Athens and at the Greek Productivity Centre. He is IEEE Senior Member.

Dr. Paraskevi Boufounou is an Associate Professor of Finance at the Department of Economics in the TEI of Ionian Islands.

Dr. Boufounou holds an Honours First Class Bachelor Degree in Economics from the National & Kapodistrian Univ of Athens (scholarship during all years of the course), a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in Economics from the Univ of Dundee (UK) and a Ph.D in Economics with High Distinction from the National & Kapodistrian Univ of Athens (granted a teaching assistant scholarship during her Ph.D).

She has a wide range of Academic experience i.e. teaching at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level in various Greek and Foreign Universities, and research experience in cooperation with Greek and International public and private research Institutions and Universities.  She has numerous publications and her recent research interests are focused on the fields of development finance with specialization to innovative instruments for financing development (crowdfunding, green bonds, etc), financial systems for optimizing managerial efficiency, improving investment environment and investment implementation, cost-benefit analysis for socio-economic evaluation of investment decisions and policy measures.

Furthermore, she has a long standing career (more than 30 years) in the Banking/Financial Sector, during which she was appointed top executive managerial positions, both in private and public sector, embracing the full spectrum of financial services, indicatively including:  President of “Invest in Greece” (the official agency of the Greek state, under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and Development, to promote investment in Greece, to attract FDIs and make Greece more attractive as an international business partner), Senior Economic Advisor to the Chair of the Board of National Bank of Greece and to the Chair of the Hellenic Bank Association,  Special Economic Advisor to Greek Ministers,  General Manager of Commercial Leasing (leasing subsidiary of Commercial Bank of Greece), Director of Commercial Securities Securities (subsidiary of Commercial Bank of Greece), senior executive of the Strategic Planning Department of the Commercial Bank of Greece.

Dr. Constantinos Artikis is Assistant Professor in "Modeling and Management of Enterprise Risk" (ΦΕΚ19/τ. Γ’/18-01-2018) at the Department of Business Administration.
Dr. Constantinos Artikis studied Mathematics at the University of Athens and completed his postgraduate studies (MPhil & PhD) at the University of Bradford (UK) in stochastic modeling with applications in Risk Management and at the University of Piraeus (PhD) in information systems modeling.

He has professional experience in banking and insurance.


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Stergios Palamas is Assistant Professor at the Business Administration Department of the T.E.I. of Ionian Islands in the field of "Computer Graphics".

He has studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (1991-1996) and since 2002  he holds a Ph.D. on the field of design and development of Web 3D User Interfaces as an alternative to conventional 2D ones (National Technical University of Athens - Biomedical Engineering Laboratory).

Since 2006 he has been teaching Computer Science on virtually all stages (1st, 2nd and 3rd grade). He has also worked as: Senior Developer and Technical Coordinator of the Center of Research and Prevention of Injuries of the University of Athens - Medical School (2004-2006), Scientific Consultant of the General Secretary of the General Secretariat of Information Systems  - Ministry of Economics (2002-2004) and Senior Developer and Technical Manager on National and International Research Projects as a member of the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens (1996-2001). 

T: +30 26450-26420   e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Olga – Helen Astara Lecturer in the field of “Institutions and Policies for Sustainable Development”.

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PhD in Department of Home Economics and Ecology Harokopio University on Doctoral Dissertation: "Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and Profitability of Business. An Empirical Examination of Listed Companies in the Athens Stock Exchange "Honours Degree

Master of Science(M.Sc.) οn"Sustainable Development - Local Development", Department of Home Economics and Ecology, Harokopio University, Athens. Grade "very good". Thesis on "The Contribution of Media Fixed Path to Sustainable Development in the City of Athens: Case study The tram model."


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